The Problems with Business School

  1. It’s costly
  2. It’s boring
  3. It doesn’t fit my schedule
  4. It means countless hours reading redundant material when I only need to know the basics
  5. It won’t hold my attention (see #2 and 4)
  6. It…

You’re welcome.

When people start to listen to you…


Have you ever been asked to develop a product feature without understanding the underlying goal, or how it fits into your organizational strategy?

The following checklist may be helpful in ensuring you’re clear on your organization’s context, so you can be sure what you develop will support your organization’s overarching…

Photo by Simon Schmitt

Product Management in Practice by Matt LeMay

  • PMs will always be wondering what needs to be done, because figuring out “what needs to be done” is the job of the product management.
  • Get comfy making best guesses, because you’ll always be making best guesses.
  • Above all, Product is a connective…

Benson McConkie

I believe businesses exist to serve people, and that by improving business functions, people can be better served.

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